May 29, 2024

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Some Gambling Lucky and Unlucky Dos and Dont’s

Ever wondered why number seven is considered lucky? Or why’s bad luck a black cat crossing your path? There are numerous theories regarding the origins of these widespread superstitions, but they remain simply that without any logical explanations: beliefs successfully handed down from generation to generation. Let’s start by defining clearly what superstition is. It is a widely accepted notion that is not based on logical thinking, that an act, action, or item may affect the likelihood of an event taking happening. This may be viewed as good or bad. The oddest feature of these so-called superstitions is that, while they have no logical basis and may appear completely absurd to many, a significant proportion of educated individuals have a firm conviction in them. We all have different degrees of superstition, which may affect our behaviour at a conscious or subconscious level.

What’s a superstition about gambling?

Superstition and gambling have a strong connection since ancient times. In the twenty-first century, both gambling and superstition remained strong throughout thousands of years, even in online gambling games like Qiu Qiu Online. If you’ve ever played the slots, you know slot machines payout on the fortunate three-seven combination. This is unlikely a coincidence since it means riches, success and good fortune in many cultures and faiths. As rational human beings, we know that gambling is based on chance and probability, but psychological studies have shown that gamblers are more superstitious than non-gamblers.

Lucky Beginne

Even if you’ve only played once or twice in your whole life, you’re undoubtedly acquainted with “beginners luck.” Gamblers often believe that players new to a game will always win. Or you’ve heard someone remark “the slot machine is ready for payment” while they keep inserting coins, clearly ignoring casino games’ unpredictability, particularly slot machines.

Online Casino vs Land Casinos

Whether individuals prefer gambling in an online casino like makauqq, or in a land-based casino, a significant proportion frequently genuinely think their winning streak will be enhanced by adopting these superstitious beliefs, whatever the result. We show below which superstitions are believed to bring luck, and which acts, items are often linked with bad luck.

Lucky things

  • Famous four-leaf clover
  • Carry your horseshoe
  • Up to nine dresses
  • Carrying a rabbit foot
  • Wearing certain clothes that offer you luck
  • A dice blow as you roll
  • Keeping your casino chips tidy
  • Cross your fingers in time
  • Playing with sympathetic dealers
  • Red colour
  • Cross your legs when playing
  • Pick up your cards each time to attract luck
  • Rub dice before rolling

Unlucky things

  • Never shatter a mirror, seven years of bad luck
  • Avoid black at all costs
  • Never under ladders
  • Keep dogs off gaming tables
  • Never let a black cat cross you
  • Don’t allow anyone to touch your chips
  • Avoid playing cards any Friday night before 6 pm
  • Never lend your money to another individual when playing a card game.
  • Never drop your cards when playing
  • Never sing while playing, particularly if you have a terrible voice!