February 29, 2024

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All poker players, including novices, know that Heads Up is the term that defines a pot played by only two players. The specificity of this type of competition is sometimes underestimated by those who believe that the same strategies that are used in games with more than two players should be applied to the Heads Up game. To remedy this, we will now examine the concept of the effective stack and see how this information can be used to achieve victory in a Heads Up game.

The Stack terms

The term effective stack in judi online means the smallest stack among those possessed by the two players in a Heads Up match. Suppose, for example, that player A has a budget of 1000 chips and player B has 2000 instead. In this case, the effective stack is 1000 because player B will not be able to bet more than the 1000 chips owned by A, in in this case, in fact, he would automatically win any excess over the smallest stack.


Once the concept of effective dominoqq stack is understood, it is also easy to understand that the fundamental parameter for basing game decisions is given by the ratio between effective stack and level of blinds. In fact, if your effective stack is less than 10 times the big-blind level you would always have to raise all-in. If, on the other hand, the effective stack exceeds 100 big-blinds then an all-in raise would put the entire amount of chips at risk in the face of a small pot winning advantage.


  • Always having this parameter in mind (ratio between effective stack and level of blinds) allows you to choose the best bet both in pre-flop and in subsequent betting rounds.
  • After analyzing the first two types of tables that you can find during a tournament we arrived at one of the most common and widespread, that is the “passive table”. In this type of environment an aggressive player can get the better of the majority of palyers, so consider your attitude at the table carefully.
  • Many players love passive tables because they are “hunting ground” and because you can play with confidence without having an all-in every two hands. In addition to this, many players limp often (they only call) showing weakness in their behavior at the table.

Last Words for Your Games

A good bandarq player will be able to see many flops at low prices and steal several pots without much effort. Very often a simple raise will get everyone out of the pot and in case someone is in you will know that they may actually have a good hand in their hand.

In addition to this many times the less experienced players call with certainly not good starting hands and this gives you the opportunity to win big pots and increase your stack considerably. Don’t be nervous if some bad beats hit you, it’s normal when playing against beginners and not just obviously. If you have an aggressive game it will be child’s play to win pots even without strong points in hand.