February 29, 2024

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5 Blunders You Need to Avoid in Sports Betting

Sports betting can be both fun and profitable if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, while most sports bettors have some experience watching their preferred team in play, their returns are inconsistent.

Why is it the case?

Mr. Ong, the CEO of WS88, a Singapore-based betting site has one thing to say. “Sports betting, like any other form of gambling, has its ups and downs. The world of sports betting can feel like a rollercoaster at times, whether you get lucky and hit the over owing to a last-second hail-mary or fail to cover the spread due to a dropped pass.” Thus, if you wish to reduce some of the risks associated with sports betting, take note of the following blunders.

Playing Parlays With Less to No Experience

A parlay bet combines three or more wagers into a single wager. New gamblers like parlays because of the high odds, but there’s a reason the odds are so high: you rarely win. A four-team parlay normally pays off 13:1, which means that if you hit all four bets on $100, you’ll win $1,300. However, in order to win, you must hit all of them.

Parlay gamblers, particularly newcomers, are favored by sportsbooks since the vast majority of them simply give their money away.

Ignoring The Need Of Good Bankroll Management

Nothing irritates us more than reading “tragic” stories of bettors who disobeyed their own rules because they felt they were in the clear. Usually, the anecdote is accompanied by some dreadful bad luck that “should have never happened” during the game. You’ve arrived in the realm of sports betting. This is why bankroll management regulations exist.

Before playing at any sports betting singapore sites, you should have strong bankroll management policies in place before placing any sports bets. These guidelines will allow you to gamble more on games that you believe have greater value, but they will still have upper restrictions.

Not Shopping Betting Lines

One of the most appealing aspects of internet betting services is how easy it is to shop for betting lines. Many people, however, are unaware of this or choose to ignore it, resulting in financial loss. Always shop your betting lines as much as possible to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

You may be leaving money on the table if you only utilize one online betting site. When it comes to betting lines, unfortunately, not all online sportsbooks are made equal. Traditional brick-and-mortar sportsbooks are subject to the same criticism. 

For instance, most sports betting singapore sites modify their lines as bets come in to help protect themselves based on internal calculations. And because lines differ, you should always shop your lines to find the ideal one.

Chasing Losses

You should also avoid chasing losses. Unfortunately, many of us have been guilty of this at some point when betting. It’s simple to lose a bet and then want to make another one right afterward to make up for it. When you make a knee-jerk wager based on a recent loss, though, you’re more likely to make a less informed decision, which raises your chances of losing.

Allow yourself a moment to process a betting loss. Don’t make a new wager just yet. Instead, devote some time to look for other wagers that appear to be of good value and logic.

Betting on Credit

Simply said, if you don’t have enough money to wager on sports, you shouldn’t be doing so. Unfortunately, some people wager on sports with their credit cards, which is a huge mistake because you’ll wind up paying interest on the money you borrowed. In addition, because there is no such thing as a sure bet, you may end up paying interest on your borrowed funds for an extended period.” Mr. Ong added.

Make sure you have enough money to meet your living expenses before betting on sports. For example, if you cannot pay your rent, food, or electricity bill, you should refrain from betting until your finances have stabilized.


Betting on the internet is an exciting adventure in itself. But you can’t rush into anything, whether it’s deciding how much to bet or picking a side. All of your judgments will be based on your research, so don’t skimp on learning as much as possible.

Still, don’t let all of this become a chore. Sports betting should remain a source of entertainment rather than a full-time job. If you’re getting tired of analyzing every team and value, take a step back and put your betting on hold. Allow yourself to simply enjoy the game for the sake of enjoyment and to stay entertained by it.