May 29, 2024

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Play on Funbet to get competitive odds & widest choice for sports betors

As of now, anything you do in the world has to be online. Starting from shopping to communicating, there are online platforms for everything. Similarly, there are online platforms for gaming as well. Since the lockdown happened, in online gaming platforms users want to play games on Funbet vs GetMega and win great rewards and also gain immense popularity and for all the right reasons. Further mentioned in this article you will find everything you need to know about these online platforms, starting from the number of games provided to how you can get paid. Keep reading this article to know more about the same. 


Leaderboards hold an integral position when it comes to online gaming sites. For funbet, the leaderboard only comes up once you have placed a bet on a particular game in the application. After the game finishes the leaderboard then shows you if you are in the winning position or have lost that round. 

However, this is very different on GetMega. Here, the leaderboard is on 24/7 for both card and casual games. This is mainly because the leaderboard here is winning as well as task-related. In simpler words, you can top the leaderboard by winning and also simply playing. However, each game has a different timeline that it follows. While for some games, the leaderboard is hourly, others weekly, and some monthly. On GetMega you can only win prizes if you fall within the top 10 rankings. The entry to these leaderboards can either be paid or free depending on what kind of leaderboards you opt for. If you do well in a particular game, you can win up to 100,000 weekly and also some other gifts like gadgets, and mobile phones. 

User interface:

Both GetMega and Funbet have a simple, clear and easy to understand UI which is appreciated. On GetMega you can also record your gameplay under 2 minutes which is a neat feature. The UI is fast and smooth allowing quick sign in and fast gameplay. However, the only downside of this company was that there was no application. Nevertheless, the website works perfectly well on the phone as well. 

GetMega is the epitome of how an online gaming website should be. Easy to function, accessible, clean and intuitive are the words to describe their UI. You can also open it on your phone and play in both vertical and horizontal modes. The added features of GetMega also make gaming and online interaction quite easy on this website. 

Games offered:

Funbet is mainly an online betting platform. There are about three games, including Cricket, online casino and poker where you can place bets and try your luck. On winning you will not only earn cash money but also certain other gifts, depending on your rank in the game. However, when compared to GetMega, Funbet is rather limited in its gaming options. 

On the other hand, GetMega has all of your favourite cash games distributed in three clear categories, namely casual, cards and trivia. You can either play Carrom, ABC Rummy, Warship, GoPool and even Dots and Dash under casual games, or Poker and Rummy under card games. Under trivia there are only three options, namely 123, GK and Picme. All of these games have possibilities for you to win cash prizes; all you have to do is get a higher ranking in the leaderboard. 

In conclusion

To conclude this article, there is no denying that online gaming has become quite a favourite in these last couple of months. However, there are several gimmicky sites that promise you a lot of things, but deliver on none. However, GetMega and Funbet are two of the most reliable gaming sites you can partner with.