May 29, 2024

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If you think that your initial hand is not high enough, i.e. not close enough to 21, then you can ask, one by one, as many cards as you want, from the dealer.

Stay: When your initial hand is okay with you, you don’t ask for any more cards, you stay.

Share: when you have a pair, you can decide to split the two cards to form two separate hands with which you will play with the same actions.

Double up: you can choose to double your stake, and only receive one additional card. This action can be performed if your hand is worth between 9 and 11 points.

Give up: if you think your hand won’t do it, some casinos, not all of them, offer you to quit by losing only half of your bet.

Insure: this action is possible but strongly discouraged. You buy insurance that’s worth half your stake if the bank’s first card is an ace. In case of Blackjack (hand worth 21) of the latter, you neither lose nor win anything. If no Blackjack from the bank, you either win for a gain of 0.5 times your bet, or you lose and therefore lose 1.5 times your bet.

Here are the possibilities of play which are offered to you during your part according to the hand which you will touch. Do not hesitate to inquire from your side to enrich your knowledge in the black jack rules.

How a game of blackjack unfolds

First of all, you have to place your situs judi qq bet. You will wait your turn depending on your placement on the table but all players must place their bet.

  • Then the cards are dealt. Each player is dealt two cards which will be visible to all other players and to the dealer. The latter, once he has gone around the players, deals a card visible to all and a card turned over.
  • This is when you need to make a decision on what action to take, following the possibilities we listed earlier. Note that if you have Blackjack, then you will wait to find out if the dealer does not have one too to get you paid. If he has one, it will negate the hand.
  • Once the actions are taken, the croupier turns his card over. If he has Blackjack, everyone loses except the players who also have Blackjack, who have their hand canceled. If the dealer’s hand is 16 or less, he draws a card. If his hand is greater than or equal to 17, he remains, that is, he does not draw a card. This is often the rule in the casinos where you will be playing.


Finally, it’s time to compare hands. The closest to 21 between you and the bank wins the round. Whatever the result of other players, in no case will it influence you.