December 10, 2023

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Moneyline Bets: Best Choices for Your Deals


The average number of goals in the Hockey League has fallen considerably in the long run. As a result, the probability of draws has also risen relatively well. As the risk of draws increases, more and more Moneyline items should be considered all the time.

This is especially emphasized in the Playoffs. When the stake of a match is no longer three points, but a sea win, the risk of a draw increases considerably especially when the number of goals in the Playoffs drops radically.

In general, we can recommend playing Money w88 line rather than 1×2 targets if the goal expectation value of the match is low. In generous matches, the risk of a draw is reduced and 1×2 targets are easy to try.


Avoid negative Smoothing

One of the biggest mistakes a novice hockey bettor makes is to play a two-goal win for a favorite team with the idea of ​​“Yes they make another then empty”. This loses a huge amount of money in the long run.

Two-goal wins in hockey are not at all as common as one thinks. This is because the goals of the teams are not to win the match by two goals, only to win the match. In the end, rarely search for empty hits anymore. For fear of a long puck and the start of your own head, it is often Safer to throw a certain amount of hanging towards your opponent’s end.

The winning hockey team thus secures its goal lead rather than seeking a two-goal lead. Therefore, the winning bettor will consider carefully before playing their own favorite (-1 or -1.5) Handicap bets.

A positive Handicap works

If the previous thought play is turned on its head, it is understood that if playing a favorite with a negative hand is not profitable, playing a sub-respondent with a positive hand should be it!

Especially in matches with a low goal expectation value, it is highly recommended to play the underdog with a Handicap. Even if the Favorite Team is superior in terms of material, its purpose is hardly to crush an opponent. Leading by one, two or three goals a favorite team is often content to secure their lead.

Due to this legality of the sport, it makes sense to play underdog with Handicap. Sometimes an under-respondent may get even +2.5 or +3.5 handicaps even with good odds.


An individual example of this phenomenon is the Ice Hockey World Championships. The level difference between top and small countries has narrowed. At the World Championships, Danish or German-style teams can get six or seven goal draws, which have been almost affordable for bettors.