December 10, 2023

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How to trigger bonus rounds in slot games – Tips and tricks

The exciting part of playing online slots is unlocking those highly-anticipated bonus rounds. These mini-games within the larger slot break up normal play and give you the chance to win big. Every slot has its own distinct rules for entering bonus rounds. Some require specific symbol combinations while others are completely random. Start by reading the game rules to identify the triggers. Some slots award bonuses when you land scatters, wilds, or hit a progressive jackpot. Others enter the feature after any winning spin. Knowing the prerequisites lets you plan the best strategy.

Check the RTP and volatility

The return to player (RTP) percentage and volatility level of a slot affect the frequency of bonus rounds. Higher RTP games with medium volatility tend to dish out bonuses more regularly. Lower RTP and high-volatility slots make triggering harder, but jackpots are bigger. Select games with an RTP of 96% or more and medium volatility if you want to receive bonuses more often. In some games, betting increases your bonus round odds. For example, certain slots require a maximum bet to activate the feature. Read the rules before playing to see if bet sizes matter, then wager accordingly. Just be cautious not to exceed your budget chasing bonuses.

Play all paylines

To optimize your bonus chances, always play all paylines with each spin. The more lines active, the better your odds of hitting the right combo to trigger special features. It is especially key in slots where bonuses rely on landing scatters across reels. Spreading your bet across all lines ensures you won’t miss out. Because slots operate on RNG software, no one predict when bonuses will hit. Some players insist early morning or late-night sessions are luckiest for bonuses. Less traffic on the servers means less strain on the RNG. Try logging on outside peak hours to see if your bonus luck improves.

Slow down your gameplay

Rather than rapid-fire spinning, try pausing a few seconds between each bet. Slowing down also helps you avoid costly mistakes like misclicks. Taking your time may just improve your overall luck. Some slots drop hints bonuses are coming, like special animations or music. Stay observant for these pre-celebrations, as the feature could be just one or two spins away. Being primed for the bonus to strike can help avoid missing out.

For fair bonus odds, always select licensed Serubet casinos using certified RNG software. Rogue sites can and do manipulate game settings to reduce bonuses. Trusted brands have no reason to cheat players from rewards. Do your research to play at above-board sites. With the proper slot picks, bets, and attention to detail, you tilt bonus odds in your favor. Just stay patient and keep following these tips. Before you know it, those thrilling and lucrative bonus rounds will be yours for the taking.