February 29, 2024

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What are the different formats of sports betting odds?

While playing from Switzerland, you have surely acquired the habit of playing on sports betting odds in the European format. However, if you want to venture into foreign sports betting sites, be aware that these odds will not always be presented in the same way. To avoid unpleasant surprises, here is a summary of the different odds formats found on bookmakers.

The European format

To start this article smoothly, we’ll explain everything about European odds. Yes, you know, these are the ones you find on most online bookies. It is also the format adopted by most of the sports betting sites that we offer you through our monthly ranking.

This European format highlights so-called decimal odds. To put it simply, you can find up to 2 digits after the decimal point. Of course, European odds are always above 1, in which case you might not be able to make a profit. To find out how much you can win using European odds, you just have to multiply your stake by the decimal number.

For example: 100$ x 2.33 = 233$ to win.

English format

Be careful, the odds system will become a little more complicated since we are going to talk about the British format. If you are playing at an English bookmaker, the odds will be presented to you in the form of fractions. This is usually the time to rethink your math lessons when you were younger.

As with all fractions, the first digit given is the profit you can get if you bet the amount of the second digit. Rest assured, there is a very simple technique that allows you to transform this English rating into a European format. You just have to add a “+1” after the fraction.

For example: (8/6) + 1 = 2.33. If you bet 100$ on this odds, you will win 233$.

The American format

Finally, you should know that the Americans have once again decided not to do like everyone else. Indeed, the bookmakers available in the United States will offer you positive or negative odds. In summary, you must bet 100$ on positive odds to win the amount indicated by the bookmaker. Regarding negative odds, you will have to bet the amount indicated to win 100$.

And if this explanation was not enough to clear up your questions, you can always convert these American odds to the European format. To do this, divide the rating by 100 and add it to the number to convert a negative rating, and perform the reverse calculation for a positive rating for situs online judi terbaik.

For example:

  • (100/295) + 1 = 1.33. A rating of -295 equals a rating of 1.33 in the European format.
  • (295/100) + 1 = 3.95. Odds of +295 are equal to odds of 3.95 in European format.

What is a sports betting odds comparator?

Now that you know how the odds work, you need to find the best odds in order to maximize your winnings on each tip, and thus be able to invest even more in sports betting! In this vein, we can only advise you to use a sports betting odds comparator.