May 29, 2024

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What are call bets in roulette and where you can find tables that allow them?

You might not realize how many different ways of betting are available in roulette. One of the most interesting options comes from placing call bets, but you won’t see them on every version of this classic game. So, what are call bets and how can you place them?

The full details

These are special bets that aren’t included on the standard list of inside and outside bets found at roulette tables. In the past, they would only be accepted at high-stakes tables in land casinos, where players could call out the exact selection of numbers where they wanted to put their chips.

This evolved into a number of different bets that are currently used. One of the most common is called Les Voisins du Zero, which becomes clearer once we translate it as Neighbors of Zero. By putting your stake on this option, you are splitting it out across the 17 numbers, between 22 and 25 inclusive. It uses nine chips to cover the numbers, with the payout depending upon which of them wins, if any.

The next type of call bet is known as Jeu Zero or Zero Game. It lets you cover the seven numbers that are nearest to the zero pocket on a European wheel. You do this with just four chips and the best possible return is 36 to 1 for the number 26.

Another option is called Final Bets, or Les Finales. It is based on a selection of numbers that end in the same digit, such as 7, 17, and 27. Three or four chips are used, depending upon how many numbers end in the digit you are interested in covering. You might see a couple of different variations, called Finales en Plein and Finales a Cheval, with the latter adding in an extra set of numbers ending in a different number.

Tiers du Cylindre covers a third of the numbers on the roulette wheel, those between 27 and 33 inclusive, with six chips. Les Orphelins (the Orphans) covers eight numbers with five chips, including a straight-up bet on a single number.

 Where can you place these bets 

The fact that call bets are sometimes called French bets gives us the clue to work out where these bets can be found. If you see a game of roulette that has French in the title, then there is a chance that it has these rules.

Other European-style games might also have them, but you won’t see these options in American variants, as the double zero pockets means that they don’t fit in. If you visit a varied NJ online casino such as Resorts Casino you will find a range of options offering French, American, and European Roulette games.

Expect to see them offered on a racetrack section. You might need to follow a link from the main betting table to find these different wagers. If you aren’t sure, then you should check the casino’s full details of what the bet covers before placing your chips.