May 29, 2024

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Guide for Odds in Keonhacai

Football house odds are also known as odds.  These are the parameters that the live dealer gives for each match.  Based on certain house rules.

By looking at these numbers you will understand the odds that the house is offered for each particular match.  You will understand which team is stronger and then bet on the stronger team, which team is more dominant.  Based on this, which team is worthy of the bookmaker’s appreciation, the ability to win.  From there you will be based to make the most appropriate prediction.

Currently, on the market for online bookmakers, bets are often interested in prestigious football tournaments.  Odds in these matches account for 85% of the total online markets in the market.

Bundesliga house odds:

Bundesliga German National Championship. With this German football match, people frequently pay attention to the house odds of the following 5 teams: Bayern Munich, Monchengladbach, Borussia Dortmund, Hamburger SV, Werder Bremen, Mainz 05.

La Liga football house odds:

Besides the Premier League, La Liga is also the hottest tournament on the planet.  Online football matches of the matches are closely watched.

Because this is a playground that brings together many strong teams and classy strikers such as Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema, Luis Suarez, Ángel.

Premier League football match:

The Premier League is a tournament that shows 20 teams within the UK.  Including 36 rounds of the matchup, this one has the highest rate of purple swords.

With NHA you will be offered live odds and odds of all matches.  The update time will be 5 minutes.  You can make the most accurate prediction of the score of Premier League matches on the live house.

The advantage in La Liga is that the house is very stable.  Odds out are usually very early 2-3 days before the match.  And the handicap doesn’t change much until the start of the match.

Instructions to read the house odds table

Nowadays, many websites like Keonhacai are not for the right purpose, resulting in confusion for customers.  The house is a platform that summarizes all odds and currently, there are some basic house odds that need to be grasped.

 Handicap Team: Usually will not write the handicap or sign – first

 Handicap Team: Usually there will be + or the numbers 0.5, 1, ¾, and so on

At the start of a match, the board will have 2 parts, namely the Whole game – 1st half but all things have 3 main parts as follows:

Football handicap: usually the strong team will accept the weak team, the handicap will have the number behind. Depending on the handicap level, it forces the handicapped team to eat how much score to win.

The result of winning and losing this match is based on the total number of goals scored by the two teams in the first half of the whole match, depending on your pick.  Select the number of tables above the level given by the dealer as Over and below the level given by the dealer, Under.

European Keonhacai: the result is calculated that if a team wins if you pick that team, you will win against the draw or the other team loses, you will lose.