February 29, 2024

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Gambling games with a higher chance of winning

It is not easy to win a game right after you start playing gambling games. Gambling games are based on fortune but the majority of the game requires some sort of strategy as well. Some games require extensive strategy while some games can be won with a simple strategy. For beginners, we are going to recommend online gambling games that offer a higher chance of winning using some simple strategies. You can play such games from casino maxi.


Blackjack is a game that requires a simple strategy and this puts beginners at the same level as that professional players. Blackjack also has a higher return percentage to players as compared to other games. But this is possible, only if you make well use of the strategy. The strategies are pretty simple and straight forward. After learning all the strategies of blackjack, you can search for the return to player (RTP) percentage for each of the strategies. Based on this, you can choose your strategy accordingly.


Jacks is another easy to play game that offers a high RTP percentage. Jacks is similar to Blackjacks and requires a good little strategy. Along with the strategy, you need to choose a machine with good paytable. Doing so, you will have a good chance of winning as the return to player percentage can be about 99.5% for the best machine and hand.

Baccarat and the Banker

Bacarrat is a popular game among both beginners as well as professionals because of its simple strategies. This game can offer a return to player percentage of 98.94%. This game has a slightly lower RTP than Blackjack and Jacks but offers you a high chance of winning by playing a few gambling sessions with the right strategy.


Craps can be good the go-to option for beginners if they are well aware of the best wager options. There are several wager options but knowing a couple of them would be enough. When playing at a ras table, you have to make a ‘don’t pass” bet. This bet can be made on the come-out roll and has a return to player of approximately 98.5%. Another bet which you can make is on the odds wager. You can place this bet when a point is set and you don’t pass. This bet has a return of 100%.


These games can be easily played even by players who are playing such gambling games for the first time from casino maxi.