May 29, 2024

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Can gambling finance your living?

Not to mention, a gamble will always be a gamble. Can turn you from a $10 worth to $10,000 with the blink of an eye.

Now, people not only gamble with cash every time. Sometimes they even put their assets on the line to increase the bet and to satisfy their ego too.

Ego will destroy you:

I mean, we’ve all seen the famous James Bond movie “casino royale”. That is a perfect example of how ego can destroy you. In a scene where Bond and Le’s cheffire were playing, and Le Cheffire went out of money, so he put in his favourite Aston Martin on the line which his so-called wife loved too. But he was egoistic and overly confident about his win. Which eventually he failed. He lost his favourite car and was humiliated by everyone sitting on that table.

Now, this can happen in real life too. Like he bet his car, people even bet their homes, their properties just to win a game. Some fortunate beings win too, but the unfortunate ones get dragged to the streets. They lose everything and cannot blame anyone. It creates a very major setback in their lives, and some even commit suicide.

Poker in casino can either make you or break you. It will either lit you or burn you to ashes. It’s for you to decide and rationalize on which side of the table you want to be. Dapatkan informasi di sini on this before you start gambling.


No doubt playing poker gets addicting instantly. Every new player entering the arena gets the impression of another worldly place where everything is pleasing to all the five senses. There is nothing imperfect about a casino arena. It is designed to be perfect and glamorous. It is designed to be addicting to people. That’s how all the casinos around the world are working.

People start spending hours and hours playing this, which deviates them from their actual motive of life. They often spend major life’s saving in the gamble. Win or loss that’s not the issue but spending an entire chunk of saving on a single gamble game might seem a little odd unless and until you trust your luck and gut to the utmost.

Some rich personalities even gamble to dissolve their illegally acquired properties and cash. It is not easy to do this, but rich people know other rich people which create a bond with the owner of the casino. The owner himself helps them liquidate their black money, and no one can question them. Riches know n number of ways to launder their money and make $100 with every $10 they fetch out from the pockets. They don’t incur losses; they just turn into null and void or buy or sell drugs.

However, one can master the art of gambling through experience and presence of mind and can make a fortune even with less cash. Apart from luck, the skill also plays a major part in the game of poker around the globe.